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SAB Multimedia is a holding company that specializes in the development of a variety of worldwide media services, including documentary films of all lengths, tools to help small businesses of all types improve their standings by reaching either regional or worldwide audiences.
Swapping Suits For Culinary Hostilities

CEO Cook-Off Show

The CEO Cook Show is an innovative concept where top-level executives showcase their culinary skills in a cooking show.
This show aims to humanize these high-profile individuals and give them an opportunity to connect with the audience on a personal level. It also demonstrates how cooking can be a great equalizer, leveling the playing field by bringing people together in the shared experience of preparing and enjoying a meal.
The CEO Cook Show provides a unique platform for leaders to showcase their personalities, passions, and creativity in the kitchen, while also sharing valuable insights into their personal and professional lives.

We endeavor to provide excellent creative idea services of the highest standards

SAB Multimedia is a registered creative agency that creates videos to boost your business and to help brands communicate with clients and explain complicated ideas of their services and products with ease and fun.

SAB Multimedia is into high value documentaries and other visual media support services that help our clients plan, execute and optimize their advertising campaigns, focused on profitability and marketing objectives.

We’re hungry for, unique program ideas. If you have an incredible story or burning idea, then pitch it to us. We’ll let you know what we think, and there’s a chance we can work together to get it made.

CEO Cook-Off Show

The idea behind this cooking show is to bring in important personalities, VIPs, CEOs and celebrities to come cook with a staff, secret admirer or fan.

Celebrity Kitchen Challenge

The Celebrity Kitchen Battle is ably hosted by David Dontoh, the world renowned actor, MC, presenter and show host. He brings on his wealth of experience to make the show an amazing adventure every week.

Dinner with the Stars

Dinner With The Stars seeks to raise money to aid the underprivileged in Ghana. The Acting, Entertainment, and Sports Fraternities in Ghana will be officially informed of the Program, and they will be made accessible for meeting with fans when chosen.


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