The Celebrity Kitchen Battle is ably hosted by David Dontoh, the world renowned actor, MC, presenter and show host. He brings on his wealth of experience to make the show an amazing adventure every week. The table is set every week as the producer invites a celebrity and his or her fan to come into the studio and battle it out for the honor of being the best culinary expert. The contestants tell the producer the dish they want to cook as well as the dessert they will prepare after cooking the main dish. Both contestants cook the same dish with a 30 minute timeline for cooking. The producer supplies the ingredients for cooking both the food and dessert.

The Judging Process

The three judges will sample both dishes one after the other, write down their marks and give them to host to aid him declare the winner.
The winner wins great prizes from the sponsors as well as an attractive cash prize that could be donated to charity if the guest wishes.

The Procedure

The Production Manager finds out from the selected CEOs the dish they will be comfortable to cook and supplies all the ingredients. Contestants are alloted 30 minutes to cook an appetizing dish that will influence the judges to award them marks.
Invited guests will try to outwit one another and win. This is where the tricks and family recipes come in. It is an all-out culinary war with the best cook being declared as the winner.

The Art of Battle

The stage is set. The contestants are ready. The topnotch guests come together in a battle to determine the best cooking one.
The show can be staged anywhere in the nation, from city to city or region to region. Wherever the best cooking CEO/celeb is, you can be rest assured that SAB Multimedia will bring them out to showcase their skills and talents in the kitchen for the enjoyment of our cherished viewers.
The Invitation

Are you a CEO/celeb? Do you pride yourself in having the skills to cook appetizing dishes? SAB Multimedia has an offer for you! Click Here, fill in your details and SAB Multimedia will give you the opportunity to showcase your talent and skill in the kitchen.
The SAB Multimedia Cook-Off. Enabling important people swap their suits for aprons and battle for supremacy.