The show that brings celebrities face to face with their fans in a culinary battle for supremacy

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The idea behind this cooking show is to bring in important personalities, VIPs, CEOs and celebrities to come cook with a staff, secret admirer or fan.

The invited guest will have no idea of their staff, admirer or fan they will be cooking with. They will only get to meet them during the show. As the cooking continues, the host will engage both guests at the delight of the audience.

Set in a studio created to look like a hotel kitchen, this exciting show brings these guests to battle for supremacy every week.

Swapping Suits For Culinary Hostilities

Two selected CEOs meet in the studio to showcase their skills and talents in the kitchen. They take off their suits and put on aprons to battle each other by cooking delicious dishes in a bid to win the coveted prize at stake.

Both CEOs will choose the same dish to be cooked, running audience through the ingredients and the procedure for cooking.

The Vital Ingredients

The show is put together by SAB Multimedia. It is hosted by Nana Banyin Animel, ace broadcaster and events
host. The highly interactive show has its host interacting with the contestants, showing the audience an in-depth look at how the cooking process goes on.

The host is ably support by three judges who are experts in the field of cooking. Their decision is not only based on the looks and presentation of contestants but also the taste, smel and neatness of their food.

The decision of judges is final. The host reads out the marks given by them and announces the winner. The show will be aired once a week on a major TV network.