Our Flagship Event

Dinner with The Stars

Dinner With The Stars seeks to raise money to aid the underprivileged in Ghana. The Acting, Entertainment, and Sports Fraternities in Ghana will be officially informed of the Program, and they will be made accessible for meeting with fans when chosen. Every week, SAB Foundation will nominate a specific star or celebrity for fans to meet. Voting will take place via text message for the chance to spend time with the stars.
The fan who cast the most votes at the conclusion of the week will have the chance to meet the star or celebrity on the bill, hang out, take pictures, and enjoy dinner with them at a posh restaurant.
This initiative aims to give both the Stars and the Fans a chance to unwind and relax while also positively impacting the lives of those in need in Ghana. All members of the public are welcome to participate in this outreach, which is intended to brighten people's lives.

A wonderful Time with Your Star

Imagine having the opportunity to have dinner with your favourite star. The excitement and anticipation would be overwhelming. You would want to make a good impression and have an enjoyable evening. During the meal, you would ask them about their life, their work and what inspires them. It would be fascinating to hear their stories and insights. You may even ask for advice on your own career or personal life. As the dinner comes to an end, you thank them for their time and express how much their work has meant to you. They thank you in return and express how nice it was to meet one of their fans. It would be an unforgettable experience, one that you would cherish for a lifetime.